Only War Game Series

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Only War” is an exciting role playing game where players turn into Imperial Guard soldiers belonging to the armies of the God-Emperor. The game is a standalone of the “Warhammer 40,000” and it is fully compatible with all of its titles. The catch is that the game is meant to discover a side of the Imperium of Man that has not been revealed before. Both men and women can be a part of the armies and they can fight on far-off stars and various systems while facing powerful opposition. A particular code of honor and brotherhood brings all of these soldiers together, and their main mission is to protect the Imperium from destruction.  


Only War Game Additions


This version of the “Only War” game requires players to reach success during the special mission and it enables the use of the Game Master’s screen with its attractive graphics and art and loads of references on the other side. There is also a 32-page booklet that will detail the adventure, along with a NPCs and GM advice. The Final Testament brings players to Herrvara, the realm that is drenched in wars and violence, where they need to fight at a brutal Imperium front. The mission encompasses three parts each of them hiding dreadful challenges. The Shield of Humanity is another supplement where new recruits and veterans altogether can serve the Spinward Front and protect the humanity against all threats. The Hammer of the Emperor, the Enemies of the Imperium, No Surrender, and Salvaging Solace are the rest of additions to the popular game. Finally, players who like to spend their time online searching for various captivating games to play can check out the CosmikCasino online games and try their luck playing for real money. Slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack are just a few of the classic casino games you will have the chance to play here.



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