The Truth behind Video Game Making

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Many people have been curious about how video games are made. Children, if given the chance, would be happy to make their own games because they are the ones who are most interested in playing video games. This article is a basic run down on how these video games are being made.


How it is done

In a game company, there is often a group of people who have come up with the general idea of the game. This team usually engage in different meetings, brainstorming about the concept that needs to materialize. This team will not only focus on how the game would look like, but also the overall functionality of the game. They are also in charge of other things, such as the production schedule, which often specifies the tasks assigned to each person, often including their deadline.

After the planning process, the game breakdown follows. This involves breaking down every task, detail, job, and the detail of the video game. The components will then be posted into the team’s bulletin board, which also serves as the nerve center all throughout the production of the games. Next, the artists in the team would sketch out the characters of the games, as well as the backgrounds, considering the very basic detail levels. These sketches are used to often create backgrounds and characters in computer 3D.


The Next Processes

After the initial sketching, the team then uses the most updated computer animation technology in order to give life to the elements of the games, such as the textures, colors, movement, as well as shading. The team generally uses 3D characters as well as backgrounds often created by the team artists.

The process which is considered as bread and butter of the overall production is the programming and engineering part. Without this phase, there would be no game at all. Because of this, the engineers, and the programmers need to make the game ultimately work. The coding makes or breaks the game itself.

These days, we see different types of online games. There are ones that are very simple, while others are a bit complicated; games that are for adults. Check the available games at here, and see what games you can play on your mobile device. These video games add spice to our lives as they offer fun and entertainment to us gamers.




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