World’s Top Video Games

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World’s Top Video Games

The history of video games is complex and diverse in nature. The video games we’ve gotten to play so far tend to have challenging narratives and multilayered themes that unfold as we move forward in the journey. has listed some of the best titles in video games whose contributions are immeasurable and irreplaceable in the gaming universe. These video games did as well are masterpieces, the roads in which are lined with fast curves, many tests and great soundtracks containing awesome pieces from alternative pop hits to hard rock.

Mass Effect 2

 With its consistent mythology and narrative themes, the Mass Effect series paved the way for games which have a world built into them. Video games stopped being simply games, and became much more – more diverse, richer and way more vivid. Although Mass Effect 3 was an abysmal ending, the series otherwise was great. It dealt with complicated and controversial themes like xenophobia. The graphics are extraordinary, even according to today’s standards.

Final Fantasy VII

Though it is only available on PlayStation, this RPG has made its mark in the gaming industry. The vividly detailed world building, the fast paced journey along with the excellent graphics has made it into an experience that is not to be missed. The seemingly simple tale of rebellion unravels to reveal much more once the game begins. Even after having fourteen different chapters in the Final Fantasy series, FF VII remains a fan favorite and the reason for that is that it’s simply the best.


This game might seem simplistic at first, but even with the basic premise it makes for a damn good game. The players are required to create and destroy many types of blocks in a 3D setting. It’s a multiplayer game and the players have to assume different roles as they go about creating or destroying, building masterpieces of architecture across the three dimensional world.

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