Battlefield 3 4vs4 Gamersplatoon EU-Asia Tournament

author image by Nixia | 30 Jan 2012 | 5,461

First team: 200 000 GP Points
Second team: 100 000 GP Points
Third team: 50 000 GP points

This is the first tournament in a series that will determine which are the best teams in GP.
The tournament is a single elimination but after the first round losers go into another tournament (Entry Cup) and the winners continue to play in the main tournament (Entry tournament).
Which means that after the first round we will have two tournaments in which teams that lose are out of the tournament.
The official brackets are ON. Please check your opponents Brackets EU ASia

Tournament Details & Rules

NEW UPDATE: Tournament maps: Conquest small – Grand Bazaar 137 tickets Rush – Seine Crossing 41 tickets

Game Rules:

1) Game type: 4 vs 4 Conquest small (two rounds), then Rush (two rounds), Infantry only.
For each mode, teams play 1 map with 2 rounds, one round on each side.

Match Result: The tickets of both rounds count for the end result. The team that gained the highest ticket number in both rounds wins the match.
Note:In the case of a tie after Rush (small chance) teams are replaying the Rush mach again.If after the second mach of Rush is again tie teams will play conquest. Admin will roll a virtual dice to decide the sides and the server.
In the case of a tie after the Conquest and Rush (one team winning in Conquest and the second in a Rush) teams will compete in the game mode (Team Deathmatch or Conquest), depending on how you decide to vote in the poll.

Sign up deadline: 25th January 2012
Brackets & Schedule: will be posted on 26th January 2012
TournamentTime Range: 27th January – 5th February 2012

For More Info :

nXa-Gaming Team Line Up :

Team 1: nXa-Gaming :
- Nix1a
- Venjz
- ske1thy
- flavaa

Team 2 : nXa-Alpha :
- fanytastix
- obsevarion
- Bravemansoldier
- rbp_1707 

Team 3 : nXa-Bravo :
- djenova
- lavexia
- anggadimz
- dolite 


Aiming Practice

NXA-Ladies Team

MSI Gaming Notebook

NXA-Ladies Team