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The fact that there is such great demand for game emulators like mine attests to the strength of people’s interest in gaming generally. Although some social critics may scoff at the importance of such games for PS2 that can be adapted for PC and Mac computers, anyone who plays knows better.



Universal Gaming

Do you ever dream of the day when every game is cross platform, perhaps powered by our not-too-distant future’s mega-bandwidth WWW?

Well, that would make what I do with the PCSX2 obsolete! Until then, however, people will find it very useful. The truth is, we can all be very excited about the major overhaul of the Web’s native language to HTML5. This update makes all multimedia and gaming content deliverable through the Web-browser window.



Value of Gaming

Today, kids may learn much more from networked games than people may presume. The hand-eye coordination practice has been well documented. There are also the relational and communication-oriented benefits. In the present time, when Facebook is accepted and used by both kids and parents (with its obvious value for sharers of the whole spectrum of media), it seems difficult to knock PS2 games for the same reasons.

Education is catching on to the value of gaming for mind-development, but more so because of its obvious and positive connection with the enthusiasm of kids. Kids like to play at all times, right? Their minds are adaptive, open, eager and stoked about new things.

Can you imagine an educational system that somehow utilizes this technology in smarter ways — perhaps by replacing some of the traditional memorization and drill methods with some online gaming designed for learning? What about smart classrooms that are integrated with studies students can play with on the home computer?

You can see that the possibilities are endless! I like to think what I do with PCSX2 might somehow nudge us in that direction.


Rich Experiences

A gander through some of my reviews of games, and screenshots (especially for those of you out there that are PS2 newbies), should provide your imagination with loads of ideas about how games could be used for a variety of practical aims in addition to mere entertainment. Edu-tainment, anyone?

Virtual experiences are becoming less flat and more immersive than ever. Throw in the recent work by Google on augmented reality (Glass) and the host of wearable-computer concepts hitting the market: a whole new dimension is opening up.

Kids could have a wearable solution that makes even commuting and trips to the supermarket educational. I would love to live in a world of ubiquitous learning opportunities, wouldn’t you?

PS2 gaming, in its own way, has been preparing us all (and especially kids) for this kind of world, I think. I’m pretty tired of adults complaining about their children’s appetite for online games, frankly, given the rise in popularity of online casino entertainment. Parents world-wide are indulging in droves! If you want any proof of that, just go to this URL:> and see for yourself.




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